In Amenas Inquests

These seven concurrent inquests are concerned with the deaths of the six British nationals and one British resident who died at the Tiguentourine Gas Facility near In Amenas in Algeria in January 2013. On 16th January 2013 armed terrorists attacked the plant taking hostage a number of foriegn workers. Over the few days of the incident  39  hostages and an Algerian guard were killed. The bodies of the British victims were returned to the UK via Gatwick Airport which is under the jurisdiction of the West Sussex Senior Coroner Ms Penelope Schofield.

The deceased are

Mr Garry Barlow
Mr Carson Bilsland
Mr Stephen Green
Mr Sebastian John
Mr Paul Morgan
Mr Carlos Estrada Valencia
Mr Kenneth Whiteside

The Scope of the In Amenas Inquests

  1. To determine the chain of events that occurred leading up to and during the In Amenas terror attack and in particular the events that lead to the death of the seven uk nationals.
  2. To consider the security of the site and whether or not there was any information known or held relating to the impending attack.